About Us:

As self-appointed ambassadors and advocates for preserving and embracing Jamaican culture, we set out to create a vacation experience that was deliberately different from the all-inclusive resorts. No-one should come to Jamaica and leave believing that Jamaica is only about sun, sea, and sand or rum, rasta, and reggae. Jamaica is so much more and we delight in sharing this experience with our guests through food, tours, art, the people and their culture.

We created Mais Oui to be more than a home away from home. It was designed to be super comfortable and well equipped so that guests would not miss the hotel experience … "Upscale but not uptight" as one guest puts it. As an independent property that has to compete not only with hotels but also gated planned communities with club memberships, we chose to provide a host of amenities that typically would not be available at a private home. Our previously silent partner, our son, is now growing up and has helped us realize new ways of involving and welcoming children in the Mais Oui Jamaica villa vacation experience.